When I first bought Echo, she was in dire need of a bottom job.

I sailed her on Champlain for a few seasons before I finally brought her down the canal and had her moved home so I could work on her. I started on the bottom job right away, but didn't get it finished till spring. Thinking it through, I decided to change the color scheme while I had the chance. So, I painted the bottom green and changed the boot stripe and the stripe just below the deck to black.

I repaired countless dings in the gelcoat and replaced the Echo insignia.

Next, the interior needed my attention

I replaced the laminate countertop and sanded and varnished all the woodwork.

Including the VBerth.

I was really tired of lugging ice around so I added refrigeration. I Put a small compressor under the sink and a condensor in the ice box. To power it I added two 6 volt golf cart batteries hooked up in a 12 volt configuration. From fully charged I have 235 amp hours to run the frig. Practically speaking, I can run the frig for 3 or 4 days without running the motor to recharge the batteries.

To keep track of battery usage I installed a battery monitor and to organize it all I replaced the fuse panel with a circuit breaker panel

After cleaning her up and redoing all the canvas work, I had her moved back to the Hudson river so I could take her back up north. Here she is in Whitehall, New York after transiting the Champlain Canal.

Finally in her summer home at Essex Marina on the NY side of the lake

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